Enhance Your Fireplace Surround with Mother of Pearl Tiles

Have you ever thought of using mother of pearl tiles on your fireplace? Mother of pearl tiles add a touch of glamour to fireplaces. Shell pearl tiles are iridescent tiles that are made out of the shells of sea mollusks. They reflect color and can brighten up a room in ways you never thought possible.

Mother of Pearl Tiles Are Ideal for Fireplace Surrounds

Mother of pearl tiles can be used to enhance your fireplace. They have the ability to withstand a lot of heat making them an ideal selection for a fireplace tile. While the pearl tiles are heat resistant, it is important to note that you should use an adhesive that is suitable for fireplaces that can withstand the heat.

Choose Your Mother of Pearl Tile Color Carefully

To prevent fading, be sure to select mother of pearl tiles like the tiles sold by Tile Circle, so that you can ensure that the tiles have not been dyed.

Tile Circle’s Genuine Natural Varied Mother of Pearl tiles are available in the following color variations: shimmery white or natural varied with beige, cream and blush undertones.

Mother of Pearl Tile Fireplace Design Ideas

If you have brown hardwood floors and warm colors in the room, consider selecting natural varied mother of pearl tiles. The beige hues in the natural varied pearl tiles will pick up on the warm colors in your space.

On the other hand, if you have a room with cool grey colors or bright accents you may want to use shimmery white mother of pearl tiles as a focal point around the fireplace. White mother of pearl tiles are versatile making them an ideal selection for almost any color room.

For an elongated fireplace surround that reaches to the ceiling, you could turn the whole area into a focal point by installing mother of pearl tile. Lastly, don’t forget to add complementary pieces on top of the fireplace mantle.