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Bathroom Tile Trends

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When it comes to interior design, there are a variety of choices for your bathroom. Tile Circle designers have listed their favorite bathroom tiles.

Patterned Printed Tiles
Ceramic patterned printed tiles are increasingly becoming a popular choice for bathroom floor and wall tiling. These tiles by Tile Circle are Made in America and can be customized to any color on the color wheel. The contemporary patterns and matching solid field tiles are suitable for powder rooms, en suites and even kids bathrooms.  Shop the grey striped patterned ceramic tile by Tile Circle here (Shown Below).

   Ceramic Bathroom Tile           Ceramic Pattern Bathroom Tiles  

Waterjet Tiles
Waterjet tiles installed in a bathroom work well in classic and elegant bathrooms (Gatsby would have been a big fan we’re sure). The waterjet mosaics form elaborate patterns that fit together seamlessly.  The Sky's the Limit Waterjet Tile shown below by Tile Circle is available for $86 square foot with free shipping.  Click here to shop this pattern in carrara, thassos, and blue celeste.

waterjet tile for bathroom          Luxurious Waterjet Bathroom Tile

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles add an interesting dimension to plain squares and tiles such as natural freshwater polished mother of pearl can throw lovely contrasts of light across your room. This is a pattern which has been around for centuries (the original hex tiles being black and white) and it’s certainly come back into fashion in recent years.  Shown below is a white mother of pearl hexagon tile by Tile Circle.  Shop for these tiles here.

hexagon mother of pearl tile installed on shower wall      White Mother of Pearl Hexagon Backsplash TileMother of Pearl Hexagon Tiles - Cream Color

Mix & Match Tiles

Another look that’s becoming increasing popular is to mix different sizes of tiles which are the same color together (ie carrara hexagon tiles on the shower floor with carrara 12” x 12” tiles on the bathroom floor). It gives a bit more of a subtle contrast and is more interesting than placing same-size tiles together.  Shown below is a combination of Aspen White Marble 5/8 mosaics and 12" x 12" Aspen White Tiles by Tile Circle that was recently featured on Zillow Digs.  Shop the Aspen White Marble collection here.

white marble master suite     Aspen White Marble Mosaic Bathroom Tile - Tile Circle  White Marble Hexagon Tiles  White Marble Subway Tile

On the whole bathrooms are becoming more like spas – somewhere we can relax from all the demands of the day. To this end light colors are popular and versatile.

For more bathroom tile ideas, visit the Tile Circle bathroom gallery: www.tilecircle.com/bathrooms. If you have any tile related questions relating to design or installation, we’d be happy to help!

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