3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Installing a kitchen backsplash can seem like a difficult undertaking if you don’t know where to begin. At the same time, there may be some technical things that you may not be aware of. However, if you have a vision of what you’d like to have installed, it’s possible to work your way through the whole process thanks to a few tips we’ll provide you with in this article. 

Pay Attention to the High Impact Zone

There’s a certain area of the kitchen backsplash that always seems to draw the attention of everyone: this is the area above the sink. To begin with, you really want to make sure that this region gets the best kind of tiles available. Ideally, you can choose a neutral tone everywhere in the kitchen and then perhaps play up the pattern when it comes to the high impact zone. A great way of doing this would be to apply a diagonal or staggering brick pattern here. Below is a photo of a traditional kitchen featuring an aspen white marble minbrick backsplash tile by Tile Circle.

White Marble Minibrick Subway Tile Backsplash | Tile Circle      White Marble Mini Subway Tiles | Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Kitchen Tile Budget

Kitchen remodeling can take a chunk out of your finances. If you want your backsplash to look great without having to spend a lot of money to achieve this, consider going back to classic ceramic and stone or marble tiles. However, never scrimp on the grout because this will determine the durability and overall look of your backsplash. 

Another helpful tip for saving money on your kitchen tile installation, is to look for overstock tile that is on sale.  Tile Circle always has a SALE on overstock tile.  SHOP the sale: http://www.tilecircle.com/tile-sale/

Get Samples Before Purchasing

Lastly, consider ordering a few samples and have them hung in different parts of your kitchen for a few days. Observe how they look and feel as you come in and out of the room before making your final decision. This will help you determine whether this is the right tile for your backsplash in the long run.  Tile Circle offer tile samples 5 for $10 on select tiles.  

Tile Circle has a range of gorgeous tiles for your backsplash. Choose from bestsellers such as pattern mosaic tile, oyster shell tile, rivershell and wooden marble for all your backsplash needs. Thanks for choosing us, and please call us at 212-920-4601 if you have any questions.