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Tile Trends

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. Glass Tile

Glass tile is available in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. Iridescent glass tiles create a modern spa-like feel in your own home. Glass has a luminescent quality, making it great for rooms that need more light. Glass tiles reflect light and can make a room appear largerr and brighter. Tile Circle's collection of glass mosaic tiles are commonly used on kitchen backsplashes, as borders or on walls and accent walls in bathrooms.


Shown in photograph: Tile Circle's specialty stained glass mosaic tiles.

2. Marble Tile

Marble tile is a timeless and classic tile choice for bathrooms and kitchens. White marble tile has been a top choice in the interior design world for decades and it will continue to influence tile design trends for years to come. Neutral color marble tiles like white, beige, and grey add classic elegance to walls and floors respectively.

carrara mosaic tile on bathroom floor  Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile | Bathroom Floor Tile

Shown in Photograph: Carrara Marble 1" Squares 

3. Decorative Pattern Tile

Decorative tiles add a unique touch to any room and often become the focal point of the room.  Our designers love to experiment with new textures and patterns.  With advancements in technology, our designers created a new pattern ceramic tile line with unique patterns.

Pattern Ceramic Tile | Bathroom Floor Tile Installation      Ceramic Pattern Tile | Tile Circle

Shown in photograph:Premier Prints Wishbone Ceramic Tile.  MADE IN USA

4. Mother Of Pearl Tile

As more people are moving toward organic and natural options, there is a particular type of tile that is becoming more popular with each passing year: mother of pearl. Shimmery, luminous and iridescent, mother of pearl tiles are perfect if you’re looking to bring the ethereal beauty of the ocean into your home. Use them in your kitchen backsplash area, or cover your whole shower wall with it for that natural yet sophisticated look. Mother of pearl tiles are made from the tough outer shells of sea mollusks. As delicate as they look, genuine mother of pearl can take a lot of wear and tear, making these tiles suitable for walls and floors.

mother of pearl kitchen backsplash tile trends for 2015        

Shown in Photograph: White Mother of Pearl 1/2" Squares Mosaic Tile

5. Water Jet Tile

Water jet tiles are often a bit pricey but they are very detailed and cut to precision to create beautiful tile patterns.  To create a focal point with water jet tiles, not many tiles are required.  We recommend mixing water jet tiles with matching field tiles in order to cut down on costs.  For example, you could pair Tile Circle's Ironworks water jet pattern (featured below) with coordinating crema marfil marble moldings and field tile.

 Crema Marfil Water Jet Tile | Backsplash Tile   Crema Marfil Marble Chair Rail | Marble Moldings        Crema Marfil Marble Tiles | Floor & Wall Tiles

Shown in Photograph: Crema Marfil Marble Collection featuring Ironworks Waterjet Tile & Matching Tiles

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