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​How to Remove Grout Haze Effortlessly

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There’s nothing as satisfying as standing back to admire your finished tiling project. However, there are many steps before getting to the finished product, and one of this is grout haze removal. After tiling and grouting, you’re usually left with residue on top of the tile known as grout haze from the grouting process. This is usually a thin film of grout that may give your tile the appearance of being dirty or dull when it’s not. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to remove grout haze in a quick and simple way.

Before you get started, make sure you have the following:

  • -A rubber float
  • -Commercial grout haze remover
  • -Tiling sponge
  • -Bucket of water
  • -Gloves
  • -Terry cloth

Using a Rubber Float

The first option to remove grout haze involves using a rubber float. It has a softness to it to enable it to drag the grout off the tile; however, it’s hard enough to ensure that it doesn’t dig into grout seams. Pull the rubber float towards you, all the while using the edge of the float to scrape off the grout haze residue.

Next, use your slightly dampened sponge to go over the whole area in order to remove any remaining grout. You can repeat this twice to remove as much haze as possible. Lastly, dry and buff your tiles with a terry cloth towel to give it a desirable sheen.

Using a Grout Haze Remover

If you’ve tried the first option and still have some haze left over, consider using a commercial grout haze remover. Be sure to use the appropriate grout haze remover depending on the type of tile you have installed.

Try using the grout haze remover on a small area that is not as visible to be sure that it does not damage your tile.  Dab a small amount of the remover onto a sponge or apply it right on the tile; this will be dependent on the manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively, add the grout solution to a bucketful of water and then dunk your sponge into the bucket. Work the tile by pulling the tile diagonally across the tile repeating as needed. Change out the water when it begins to cloud up so you can completely remove the grout haze in as little time as possible. Lastly, use your terry cloth and buff the tiles to a high sheen.


It’s important not to wait for more than 10 days before removing grout haze since this will make it even harder to remove. Lastly, do not use acid solutions such as vinegar since this may eat into the tile as well as the surrounding grout.

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