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An Easy Guide on Transitioning From Hardwood to Tile Floors

There are a number of way for transitioning from hardwood to tile floors. Most people want the best of both worlds when it comes to their homes. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to see houses that incorporate hardwood flooring and tile. However, this marriage isn't an easy one due to factors we’ll take [...]

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A Brief Look Into The Fascinating History of Tile

The history of tile making can be found all around the world. Tiles have a long history which dates back to 7000 years. In ancient Egypt, tile was a product of earthenware pottery, and it was used with abandon in palaces and institutions. During this time, tiles were simple and made of clay, but [...]

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Handy Tips on Installing Glass Tiles for Your Bathroom

Glass tiles add a touch of elegance and modernity to any room. In addition, its reflective nature makes this tile material great for places that receive a limited amount of natural light. Easy to maintain and clean, glass is an obvious winner when used in places such as bathrooms.Color ChoiceThanks to advances in technology, glass [...]

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Enhance Your Fireplace Surround with Mother of Pearl Tiles

Have you ever thought of using mother of pearl tiles on your fireplace? Mother of pearl tiles add a touch of glamour to fireplaces. Shell pearl tiles are iridescent tiles that are made out of the shells of sea mollusks. They reflect color and can brighten up a room in ways you never thought possible.Mother of Pearl Tiles Are [...]

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Quick and Easy Tips On Sealing Tile Grout

Sealing tile grout can save you a world of pain and work because doing this makes you less likely to have to clean for hours, trying to get gunk and mold out of your floors or walls. At the same time, sealing gives your tiles a sparkling sheen that makes them look as good [...]

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